Friday, December 19, 2014

Kia Cadenza Carpeted Floor Mats

More Details - Kia Cadenza Carpeted Floor Mats

$91.80 On Sale!

Floor mats are something you probably don't think about very often. But if you consider the cost of replacement carpet for your car, floor mats suddenly become a fantastic value. Without a good set of floor mats, slush and snow can soak into your car or truck carpet, through the carpet padding, and begin rusting out the floorpans--without you even knowing it! Protect your investment with these custom fitted and color matched floor mats. Nibbed underside and locking anchors will ensure a non-slip fit. Customized with an embroidered Optima logo.

Sold in sets of 4 only.
Only available in black.

809 Enfield Street
Enfield, CT 06082

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