Sunday, December 14, 2014

How to Make a Winter Emergency Survival Kit for Your Car

Tips: Make sure that you have plenty of gas at all times. Don’t let your tank run low! Also, if you’re stranded – stay inside your car unless there are houses or businesses really close by.

·         bottled water
·         packaged food (protein bars, nuts, etc.)
·         blanket
·         package of body and hand warmers (these work well inside gloves and shoes)
·         flares
·         flashlight
·         jumper cables
·         rope/chain
·         small shovel and windshield scraper
·         kitty litter
·         battery operated weather radio
·         batteries
·         extra clothes (including socks/insulated shoes)
·         thick jacket and hat, gloves, ear muffs
·         extra cellphone charger (or battery backup)

If you usually travel with babies or small kids, then you will want to include these extras:

·         extra food and water
·         extra clothing and blankets
·         diapers
·         dry formula you can mix with water
·         infant or children’s Tylenol
·         toy or game that can keep them occupied

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